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"Not forgotten" oneshot

Characters: Stiles, Scott, OFC
Summary: Stiles is all for forgetting the past until he isn't
Warnings: Mayor character death of OFC, angst, cancer.
Word count: 1.638

Not forgotten


Everyone assumed that Stiles had always loved Lydia, but what they didn’t know was that Stiles had only acted like that because it was a lot less painful. Sure, being ignored by Lydia hurt and bruised his ego and all, but at least that way he had a chance to be rejected.

If Lydia could notice Stiles for just a second, he was certain he could say a complete sentence. In a second!

Coming back to the point; Stiles had thought it was better to forget and block out things he didn’t want to remember, and for a long time that was what he did and how he worked. To put it simply it was his truth (‘okay, more like his version of it’), or it was until Scott had to talk. ‘Stupid, stupid Scott, not cool dude, seriously!’ He thought to himself.

“Dude! I think I know her. Isn’t she, erm... what’s her name, again? Mia? May? Mal? Its Mal isn’t it? She was the girl that always wore hats, right? I remember I gave my red finger paint once.  I think we were in kindergarten.” Scott eyebrows furrowed together as he spoke of old memories almost forgotten with time, as he abruptly pointed out a pretty blond girl walking through the cafeteria in search of a table. Stiles frowned and looked back at his tray of food and resumed looking at his fries. “Mal? I don’t know any Mal. Wait...isn’t that the crazy woman from Inception? The one that shot Arthur? Hey remember when we tried lucid dreams? Man, that was fun; we should do it again sometime. What? Oh right, nope, nada, don’t know any Mal. ” Stiles tried to look past all the people that crowded the school cafeteria,his eyes seeking the girl in question, who Stiles did actually know and remember, except her name wasn’t Mal.

Stiles raised an eyebrow and spoke to Scott, making sure to draw out his name, his tone was tinged with annoyance and some amusement at his friend’s idiocy; “Scott her name is not even close to Mal. How the hell did you come to that conclusion? Dude seriously, don’t you remember, she was in the chemistry project with us last week, her name is Georgette.” As Scott directed the look at Stiles, (the one that said I have no idea what you are talking about, I was busy lusting/stalking/obsessing over someone), common sense kicked in then. Stiles had a realization  That week Scott was obsessed with Anna and guess he didn’t pay attention to the new girl until now. ‘ Surprise, surprise,’ he thought sarcastically.

“No-oh her name is something with M! I’m telling you she wore hats all the time! You always talked about her hats!” Scott insisted as he turned to watch the girl again and nodded to Stiles as if telling him yep it’s her.

Stiles suddenly remembered.

Abby Mack.


 “Gem are you spacing out again? The teacher said that we could paint with our fingers! Come on Gem, Scott is grabbing all the red paint again. I can’t make apples without red,” the little blond girl with long braids said as she grabbed Stiles, (Gem at that time), and dragged him towards Scott.

Stiles could feel the tears building and threatening to fall, he clenched his hands refusing to let them fall at that moment. “Scott I’m going to the bathroom, see ya later.” He walked out of the cafeteria and when he knew Scott couldn’t see him, Stiles ran. He ran, and ran until his knees buckled beneath him and he fell to the muddy floor of the woods. Tears that he held back previously, streamed down his face as gut wrenching sobs left him and he clutching the earth under him for some sort of hold on reality, as past memories he thought he forgot, assaulted him.


They were painting, as for once Scott had shared some paint with them that was when Gem spoke “Abby, why do you wear hats all the time?” Gem was curious, always had been, and since he had known Abby, although it was only a few months, Gem had never seen Abby without one, not even when it was nap-time.  Gem also had a tendency to ask a lot of questions about a lot of things to many different people all the time, so it wasn’t even a tricky question in his mind.

“And that’s why, I use hats” said Abby. Her smile was off but Gem ignored it, instead he huffed and said “that’s not fair! You didn’t even tell me, you just waited until I paid attention again!”  He leaned across the table with his hands (that were full of green paint) on top of  his drawing, successfully ruining it “aah!” he moaned in frustration as he  put his hands on his forehead. “I ruined it!” Gem looked at Abby and saw she was laughing at him, he then realized he had green all over his forehead and he too began to laugh at his own silliness.


Stiles rolled on to his back, still crying silently, he looked towards the cloudless sky, his eyes faraway, lost in memories he locked away.


“Could you two stop laughing? It’s not funny!” Gem exclaimed as he washed his face whilst Abby and Scott laughed harder. It was from that day Abby started to miss school more often then usual, to a point that she stopped coming to kindergarten.


“So stupid, I was so stupid, I didn’t see...” Stiles said mournfully.


‘Did your mom cut your hair? Are you okay Abby? Why don’t you come to school anymore?’ Gem wanted to ask all those questions and more but for the first time he didn’t, he held back. Then at the end of the day she smiled at him, took his hand and they walked towards the playground and then she said “Gem, you are my friend” and she kissed him. On the lips! It was icky but kinda nice? Not that he was gonna say that to anyone. But it was kinda like something-weird, he had never kissed anyone apart from his mom, dad, and Aunt Martha when she asked him (even if he didn’t want to).

While Gem lost himself on why one would kiss him or what purpose a kiss had, Abby had ran towards her mom to go home.


“I’m sorry I didn’t know Abby. I swear I didn’t” Siles spoke dejectedly as he stared vacantly at the sky above him.

That day was the last time he saw Abby. The teachers told them that Abby was far away in a farm now and that she was happy, her dog Lucas was with her too, to keep her company.


Stiles was angry, was Abby not happy in Beacon Hills? She smiled and laughed with Gem, why would she leave? And to a farm! Gem knew that her dog Lucas was old and that’s why her parents took him to a farm really far, so he could chase cows and stuff. Gem wanted to go to that farm now! He wanted to ask Abby why she went to a farm without telling him! He told all this to Scott, he just wanted to vent for a while.

Later that day, when he got home he forgot, but at night he shot out of his bed and in to his parent's room to demand his father to take him to Abby.


Stiles mind wondered to the moment of truth, the day he found out about what really happened to Abby Mack.


Mom and dad were talking in the kitchen and Gem knew better than to eavesdrop, but he heard his mother say Abby, and he changed his mind. ‘Maybe they were gonna surprise him with a trip to the farm!’  So he pushed the door a little to listen better.

“John this isn’t right! Telling children that she went to a farm! A farm, John! She isn’t an animal! She is- we have to tell Genim the truth!” Dad looked at mom sadly and said “I know it’s not right, but let him believe that. He’s young, he’ll forget her and everything will be okay.” His mother looked furious at what his dad had said and spoke in a deathly calm voice and said, “Abby is dead John. The cancer was too much for her and now she is dead and my son, her best friend, doesn’t know. Are you going to tell- to tell him later that I went to a farm too?” his father looked at his mother gravely and for a moment he said nothing but then he spoke again. “No, I won’t. But while there is still time to protect him, I will” his mother turned her back to dad and grabbed the pillow tightly before speaking. “I’m not going to forgive you for this. He deserves the truth.” His father went to hug her but Gem was already running away, he didn’t want to hear the rest.


A loud shrill ring interrupted the quiet somber air as Stiles reached for his phone, “yeah?” Stiles answered while cleaning his face with the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Stiles, where are you?” the stern voice of his dad calmed Stiles a little, it gave him some comfort and security that he sorely needed. “Nowhere I’m coming in a sec… dad, I-” Stiles wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what, his voice chocked at the end in uncertainty. “What? Kid is something wrong? Where are you?” His dad put his sheriff voice making Stiles chuckle weakly as he replied, “no, I- just-thanks you know, for everything,” for staying he thought.

“Come on, get home soon, okay.  I’m making you curly fries.” 


A/N: IDEK it was 3 am. ok? nobody should be blamed of what happens at 3 am. god I'm sorry I should't be allowed to write I know *sight* well at least there are worst things in the internet
oh and lot's of thanks to my really lovely beta brightcat12without her this would be worst and renrenren3 who suffered trying to guess what was present and what was a flashback (sorry I din't know the italics would get lost!!!)

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