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The Zombie Idea - chapter 2/?

Author: FakeSmile* aka milen748
Rating: I don´t know R? 
Genre: Horror/Romance
Pairings: Dean/Chloe later much later Sam/Chloe
Summary: Chloe grew up as an army brat with a father that was too weird and then She loses everything, in the outbreak she meets the Winchesters and the surviving becomes more then she considered a zombie life could be.
Fandom: Smallville/The Zombie Survival Guide-ish?
Spoilers: For a zombie attack, if that should ever happened (which I hope not) AU for Smallville and Supernatural
Disclaimer: I own nothing


Chloe felt very guilty for leaving the brothers behind but she really really couldn´t risk the chance to get to Dr Zach and help him with a cure to the Alkuma. She needed to travel fast, watch over the brothers and fighting with one of them was an accident waiting to happen, one little mistake and she could end dead and the humanity lost. You might think it´s too much to handle for a barely 18 years old teen but her father did everything to prepare her. If she could get to the Doc and make a cure within two years from now then, she had 7 years to cure/kill the Alkuma in the earth and stop the virus, but, if by then the mortality was lost well, she had to make important and problematic schemes to continue the human race, though for now the first stop was in LSU. Louisiana a place with lots of WDs just her luck. Chloe needed to find Caroline Blackwood -one of her father's acquaintances- get later to México from there to Brazil and take all the people her father had listed to the doctor.

She had a week to get to that woman aaand shit! not just a month to get to the doc! That would take obviously more than nine months with the entire group of people on foot! Well when the time she had to cross that bridge she would and set it on fire just for fun, for now she kept walking.

"It´s freezing!" she shivered "It´s cold and I want coffee" Chloe pouted and kicked a rock on the street.

Dean woke up to his brother beating him to death. Sam knew better than to try and wake him up early "there´s better be a zombie eating your leg right now or so help me god I'm gonna-"

"Chloe is gone" his brother said faintly and because he thought Dean hadn´t heard he said more loudly "Chloe is gone!"

The older brother looked shocked at Sam "...you... what are you?" he cleared his throat "You mean like gone I'm talking to the toaster gone or a zombie ate me gone?" Dean was freaking out on the inside blaming himself for her death already, he shouldn´t have talked to her like that maybe she was pissed and went out and a zombie-

"What? No! She left a note, here take it" Sam gave him the paper.

"I don´t think this would work? I can´t protect someone who doesn´t want to be protected? Who does she think she is? Fucking buffy?" he got up from the sofa and went to the bathroom leaving Sam to bitch alone.

He was washing his head when a thought crossed his mind, now they were alone, well, since little they were on their own but they had their mother´s family, their grandfather, he wasn´t the best but some people out there were worst, but now they were all dead and he wasn´t going to hunt his father down who probably died too, anyhow they may as well go to Bobby´s the man was like a father to them. Yeah they had a place to go now. he smiled and started singing "So you´re tired and beat and you worked all week and you need a place you can let it go, were the girls go wild and the boys play hard…"

"Dude, stop! I know it was my fault but stop being such a whinny ass, today is… what? Sixth day since she ditched us? Stop moping"

"Dean! She could be dead or scared or- or I don´t know, a bear could have attacked her!"

"...Sam? Did you hear what came out of your mouth? Seriously? A bear? That´s like, last in her list of worries, a zombie, now that´s something she would be- scratch that, a zombie would be scared of her, chick knows her weapons" he smirked "Besides you read the note she is capable of take care of herself and us"

"If you just... why are you so? Such a jerk? Couldn´t you just admit that maybe she was capable-"

"Shut it and hurry up we gotta get to Bobby´s" Dean said adjusting his backpack.

Apparently Chloe didn´t left them with only the note that Sam found, she slipped a note in one of Dean's pockets and not just any pocket his back pocket! How did she managed to do it was out of Dean mind but thanks to that he got what he and Sam needed, and went on to Arkansas to the Singer Salvage Yard, they found a house on their way to rest there (with coffee this time not thanks to her) and if he didn´t show his letter to Sam well that was nobody´s business but his, he might as well describe word for word just from the countless times he read the letter while Sammy was asleep but that wasn´t because he was worried, not at all.

It was against what Chloe told him in the note but Dean Couldn´t help himself after all it was a Chevy Impala 67 right there in the middle of the street waiting for him I mean come on! And anyways bikes are lame.

"Sasquatch I think I'm in love!" he said looking at the car "she is without a doubt gorgeous" absolutely ignoring Sam he pictured himself on those seats as he was getting closer to the car.

"Dude! Gross! I knew you were kind of missing the sex thing but seriously? A zombie? eww" Sam made a disgusted face in the direction of a woman who had one missing arm, but if you ask Dean, she was a little okay, even dead.

"First Sam are you kidding me, thing? Sex is sex dude, second I wasn´t talking about that zombie I was talking about that car on the left of the zombie chick, and third that´s totally racist just because she is a WD that doesn´t make her less beautiful inside and outside... well when she was alive now her insides are totally gross, I think I can see worms on her tits" he scrunched his nose.

"Why were you even watching there? Ugh I can believe you are my brother" Sam dropped his sack on the back seat.

"Whatever Samantha you love me, get in the car"

Chloe was stuck, not entirely her fault but when she arrived to the nice little house in some neighborhood and couldn´t get out of the place no matter how you watch it.

"I can´t believe this! I´m the best! but this is just stupid" Chloe had broken on a house that, well, was pretty much a trap. She opened the door to the house and the last owners of the house (completely idiots) dug a hole in front of the door that leaded to the basement so she fell 13,12 feets down, thanks god she didn´t break a leg but she had no way up.

The room was empty only a bag of tees she found on the basement and the things in her bag (that was some granola bars and dry food, water, weapons, clothes, first aid kit and a couple of pictures) the rope plus the crossbow where lost because she had to refrain some zombies and the only way was blah blah blah stop recalling your amazing ideas and think something new with what you got munchkin! her sister´s voice echoing in her head.

She looked up to where the door was yet to close "And I thought that I was gonna die in the zombie fight too, but nooo I have to die the lamest way, starvation! Puh-lease!" she sat on the floor arms close to her chest starting to feel trapped like the nightmares she had after her mother´s death "I don´t wanna die" she whispered and started crying.

Dean knew he should have listened to that nagging little voice in his head that sounded a lot like Chloe but the car was so nice and her seats... okay focus Dean run faster! What´s the fucking plan?

"Dean I think this is getting ridiculous, is the second time we got caught with zombies trying to eat us, any ideas?" Sam panted from his left.

"Ummm I´m thinkin' Sammy" Dean was a little behind his brother now, damn him and his mutant long legs!

"Well start thinking quickly asshole this is your fault!" Sam said. They were running from WDs because, the car died and the motor made a funny noise that may or may not have been a little explosion and the noise attracted WDs. They left the car in such a hurry that they forgot their bags.

"Okay, okay well I could throw them this rock in the head and-"

"Okay batman first you have one freaking little stone against seven WDs and second it´s not going to work!" the zombies slowly cornered them against a car.

"Well at least I'm thinking something!"

"Less thinking more action dude" Sam punched Dean in the arm.

"Listen bitchface one more comment about this being my fucking fault and I'm throwing you to the zombies. I told you! I´m working on it, okay?"

Chloe knew that after her breakdown everything would be a little clearer in her mind. Like if by crying she was going to survive, it might help for stress but crying wasn´t getting her out of the basement so yeah.

"Sucks to be me" she muttered in the lone basement. She got all of the things in her bag from the last to the first and it wasn´t of any help at all, like she knew. So her plan was mostly divide her food and eat a reduced amount of it so she could make it through, unless she really wanted to die of hunger. So the first´s days went out like in the blink of an eye. The fourth day in the morning she sat down on the floor to really listen what Lois's voice said (which Chloe knew was just her mind trying to make her take a hint) so she sat in a meditation pose, humming.

"humm I need to find a way hummmmm to get out of here hummmm" she said that 'till midday and came up with the most surreal ideas any person in crack would, she was hungry okay you can´t think on an empty stomach. but she hit jackpot with the crazy one . The idea was attract the Zombies into the house to eat her, but those things would just fall down with her and make a zombie stair for her to climb out and go to set the house on fire.

"okay so I need noise" Never attract the enemy, a surprise attack is much efficient her father orders like a recording in her mind.

Chloe had no other choice and she started to yell, for over an hour. Which by the way anticlimactic much? No zombie was at sight, but when she started singing, that was another story.

They were flooding. So at three or so she climbed quickly because anything that can go wrong will in fact go wrong by Murphy' s law, so not need in tempt the devil. Thus the house burning and barbeque zombie party was cancelled; besides Chloe didn't want to spend the matches on them.

You are such a cheap bastard the voice of her sister said teasing her inside her head.

"Lois the matches are really important, you´ll have your zombie barbeque later" she laughed.

So off she went on her way to save the earth. On her second day of "saving mankind" Chloe stopped when she hear the familiar voice of Sam, yet again found the brothers surrounded.

"Well start thinking quickly asshole this is your fault"

They heard someone snorting from behind the WDs "This is so recurrent is not funny anymore I leave you two only a week and look what happens" the brothers looked behind the zombies and there she stood their salvation one little Chloe Anne Sullivan Lane.

Sam looked at her and smiled "Chloe! Thanks god, I was so worry I thought a bear attacked you" he relaxed instantly when he didn´t see any injuries.

Chloe raised an eyebrow "A bear? No but I had other problems" she started slicing the heads of the WDs with a- is that a blade? Where did she get that? Maybe Dean was right and she knew her weapons and a bear didn´t stood a chance, which filled Sam with relief.

"What? Problems little buffy couldn´t handle" his brother said pissed.

"Oh well the usual shebang unhg" she smashed her fist against a zombie to make it step back "I played Alice in wonderland and got trapped on a hole but I managed to escape, those were the most boring five and a half days ever, but well I'm fine thanks for asking" she used the blade to stab the zombies in the eye and break through the brain, some were harder and she just cut the spinal column. She smiled when all the zombies stayed on the floor.

Chloe threw the blade on the floor drying the sweat of her face, she placed her hands on her pockets and stood there smiling.

"Nice shirt" said Sam approaching her, the idiot was smiling like a moron and Dean felt something in his gut that he didn´t want to name.

"Thanks puppy, I found it on this crazy house where I fell" she smiled at Sam and gave him a hug.

When those two became so close? Dean thought to himself. "Puppy?" he asked with annoyance by the nickname.

Chloe and Sam laughed "Umm Chloe says that a put a puppy face when I want something" and his brother blushed blushed!

"Hi to you as well Dean want to explain to me why you two where surrounded by those zombies?" Chloe asked raising an eyebrow

"Dean found a car. The car died, it was quite funny hearing him trying to get the car working by telling it that he loved her, that's when the motor blow up, the noise was pretty loud" Sam said shrugging as he put an arm around Chloe

"Well you would think that walking is the best option to avoid the WDs won´t you Sam?" she put an arm around Sam's waist smiling to Dean "yup you can´t trust something you can´t feel, like say, your legs" the dork was flirting with her? Well, that was new.

"Well we wanted to get faster to where we are going and bikes are so lame, besides you left what do you care? Huh? You can go now we don't need you" he snarled at her

"You are right it looked like you had everything in control so I guess I'm going my own way I was right this is never going to work" she let go of Sam grab her bag

"Hey Chloe wait a second he didn´t meant that He is just like that please please stay with us we need you" Sam said as he took her hands in his which made Dean more pissed

"No we DON´T! we were just fine Sam, let go of her" he roared

"Yes we do Dean didn´t you noticed how we were once again almost eaten by zombies!" Sam let go of Chloe and grabbed his brother´s arm and said to her "we are going there for a little chat. wait here" and smiled towards her.

She couldn´t hear what where they talking but there was a lot of flying arms, some hard shoves and pinched faces until they shook hands and returned.

"Maybe we need you a little" Dean grumbled

Sam looked at her "Like a lot Chloe, besides is better to travel together you can come with us to Bobby´s and-"

"No I can´t"

"What? Yes you can we are close just reach-"

"No Sam I mean I have to be somewhere else"

Dean looked at her indignant "Where?"

She inhaled "…".

"My father wanted me to find this woman Caroline Blackwood at LSU and take her to Dr. Zachary Abuchanab and synthesize a cure because her blood is immune to the virus and Dr. Julius Rey in Mexico city and Brasilia I have to go there and search for Zaira Da Silva and now probably everyone is dead and maybe she died too and we won´t have a future because we are going to be eaten and the humans are going to be extinct and is going to be all my fault and I have only seventeen for Christ sake I´m not- yes yes I am capable of this I am and I have to breathe just breathe" and then she started to hyperventilate in the floor.

Dean knelt and gave her an awkward pat in her shoulder "O-kay Chloe easy there, we can escort you there. Right Sam?"

"Yes just calm down Chloe okay? Dean and I can go with you but maybe first we have to go to Bobby´s because we don´t have many weapons" just then Chloe reacted "What? No! You can´t. This is dangerous you two need to learn and I don´t have time or- oh my god what if Dr. A is dead? Who is gonna make the cure? we are all going to die and and Lucy and Clark and Lo- they are all dead and-"


The teenager held her hand to her cheek, she and Sam where staring open mouthed at Dean who had just slapped her.

"You need to calm the fuck down alright? I´ts gonna be okay blondie we are trained, not like you but we can hold our battles the zombies just caught us by surprise without weapons again but we are going to be better at it you can teach us okay? Now let´s go It´s getting late and we need to go to Bobby´s".

"Fine, let´s go" Sam trailed the shorter man.

The brothers didn´t see that Chloe was still in the floor shacking "guys?" her voice trembling "I think I can´t get up" they turned to her and when Sam was reaching to grab her his brother stopped him with a hand in his ribcage "Sammy grab the backpack I´ll carry her" Sam nodded and went to grab the things in the floor. Dean knelt down and turned so she could climb "need a piggy ride sweetheart?" he smirked at her, she lay her arms around his neck and put her legs around his hips, when she was secured in his back he stood. Chloe pressed her chest against Dean´s back and breathed in his ear. With a pacific voice she said "Thanks Dean" softly and buried her face in his neck breathing one more time not catching the blush that reached Dean´s neck and ears "right"

"Wow I didn´t think I´ll see the day you blushed" Sam laughed "anyways she is sleep I don´t think she heard you" he snickered

"Shut up bitch" Dean barked.

"Jerk you are still blushing you know?" Sam huffed.

In the way up to Bobby´s the brothers had to alternate with holding her in their backs but she didn´t wake up not even once. Much later when she woke up Chloe found herself in the futon of a house occupied with dust, scattered bottles, books around and some old unshaven dude staring at her, his posture made her remember her father but his appearance was more like Clark´s father you know flannel shirt jeans boots the only difference was a cap. She sat on the sofa and stared at his face because it looked like she was being tested, after several minutes he decided that she passed because he sat on the other side of the futon.

"You must be Bobby… sorry for intruding in your house? I´m Chloe nice to meet you" she extended a hand and he took it "I must say I wasn´t so shocked I already assumed they would bring someone, those idjits!" he shook his head "anyways you are not intruding, my boys practically carried you here and talking about that, you ain´t looking too good there, you alright?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah I panicked for a little…" she decided to tell the whole story, or at least some of the story " for a few days I had some troubles so I'm kind of hungry and I hadn't slept so good. By the way, where are they?" she looked at the rest of the room as if they were hiding behind the furniture.

"They went to get the weapons and a car, we are driving the day after tomorrow to find that woman you are looking for, but, I won´t be accompanying you further"

"It´s okay it-"

"No it´s not okay you are too young to have the entire world depending on you, kid how old are you for real?"

"What? I´m seventeen! I´m not a child and my father did everything he could to teach me how to fight and kill this zombies. I have scars to prove it!" she started to pull over her shirt just in the same moment the Winchester decided to show up. Leaving them staring at the situation. The first who spoke was Dean calmingly.

"umm Bobby what the heck?"

"Chloe pull that down!" shrieked Sam from the door and ran over to cover her when she didn´t.

"This child was showing me what her father did to her" Bobby said and sipped his beer.

From the doorway Dean yelled "WHAT!" as Sam started to pull the shirt over her ribs to take a look and yes there Chloe´s back was marred with scars that looked like cat paws -some of the scars were like three perfect thin stripes lined up together-

"Why?" Sam asked in a low tone touching the marks. That she nearly didn´t pick up because Dean shouted at the same time "THAT SONUVA BITCH" and hello wall, meet Dean Winchester´s fist, it looked like it hurt so Chloe batted Sam´s hands of her and went to help Dean.

"he didn´t do anything, it was training and it had to be with everything he got so I could be better and anyways not all the scars are from him" Dean look at her face with shock, she ignored him and examined his hand and when nothing seemed broken she let go to sit on the couch to start the story about how her father trained her and clarify who was the other person. Sam and Bobby joined her while Dean stared at her.

Dean was already missing her warm hands when she sat on the couch his brother and Bobby on each side so he had no other choice than to sit on a chair and listen to the story of how Sam Lane 'prepared' his daughters.

Bobby once said that John was blinded for what happened to their mother and that he was planning on make them good little soldiers to go on a crusade for Mary Winchester so Bobby contacted their grandfather to take them away from 'that crazy man that used to be their father'.

Dean thought that maybe if Bobby hadn´t made that call he could have been the one with scars all over and maybe that way he could help Chloe better, but it wasn´t like that and he would never let his father hurt Sammy. So he just focused in Chloe´s voice and tales of how she went all over the country, that one time her father let Lois and her in an island for a week with nothing but a knife when she was only eight, when she made her first bow and set of arrows to survive in the woods, that she knew how to use a katana but she didn´t know why her father thought a katana will be useful 'I mean if the other person had a gun then I would be a colander eh not much use for a sword now is it?' and she would laugh as if was the most normal thing to said, how her little sister Lucy lived in a boarding school and she saw her only at festivities, that her best friends when she was ten years old where a pocket knife and a laptop.

It wasn´t a tale of childhood it was the last man standing. It was fighting with her father and ending broken for days, it was Lois fighting with her father because what he did to Chloe and it was fighting Lois until one of them blacked out because her father never let them give up, it was struggling with Lois because Chloe never said no to that 'Lois wanted to be normal I just couldn´t said no to my father you know?' it was trying to convince Lois to not run away, it was fighting with Lois and really get hurt like 'I busted my left knee in a match with her and I can´t feel this fingers' and she would smile lifting her pinky and ring finger as if she was remembering her sister´s hugs not fists in her face. She smiled when Lois name fell on her lips but when Sam smiling asked where Lois was and realized a minute later by the sheer horror in Chloe´s features where Lois was, he said 'sorry' soft voice and playing with the hem of his shirt not looking at her, the story move on to Lois partying and how in her prom she got a tank to drop her in the school on prom night, that only time their father agreed to let them have normal school life for a teen even for a year. When she reached the part where her father died of an aneurism he didn´t felt sorry for thinking the asshole had it coming 'after he died Lois and I never battled again only one mayor fight when she found me training. I never won against her without weapons but that time I did, after that I never lied to her again but the face she got every time I said I was going to do some training said it all and it wasn´t that my training was at suicide slums in the dark side of metropolis it was because I won and deep inside she knew that the only time she got some love from our father was when she beat me…

After the conversation Bobby prepared a room for Chloe across the hall and by midnight everyone was in their rooms safe for the first time in a long while. Bobby had the area secure by cameras, censors and whatever shit he found for the salvage yard.

After Sam took a long bath and put some boxers he found on, he sat in his bed "Hey Dean? Remember that time I push you-" "it wasn´t your fault Sammy" came the reply from the bed in the other side of the room "I know Dean I just wanted to let you know that-"

"I know"

"Just I don´t want you to hate me you know? She said that Lois busted her knee and she said it with a smile how sad is that? I felt so guilty that you broke your leg because of me" Dean laughed "oh I remember that you were like a maid 'Dean you want some water? Dean are confortable? Dean are you sure you can go to the bathroom alone? Dean?' Man I was so pissed that you never left me alone that I couldn´t enjoy your sorrow…" he exhaled "you are my brother Sammy I don´t hate you just like Chloe didn´t hate Lois now shut up and go to sleep"

Sam rested his head on the pillow and considered for a moment what the tomorrow could bring "I love you Dean-"

Dean threw his pillow at Sam in the face "Oh for the love of god shut up!" and, Sam knew that his brother wouldn´t sleep without his pillow and his pride wouldn´t let him ask for it so he did the next best thing to do, he threw his shoe. If Dean wanted his pillow he should have said something. Now Sam had extra fluffiness to sleep.

Chloe felt torn she had a few choices now: 1- leave and save the world the best she could, 2- let them help and risk their lives or 3- try and convince then to stay away from the magnet of trouble she was. The first option, after some considering was stupid, she already told them where she had to go so yeah dumb of her and a solo mission was risky. The second option was the comfy one she may as well divide the work, there were more hands to help her and some support when she had panic but then someone was certainly going to die for that, she just knew. The third option was dumber than the first one because if she knew something about the Winchesters by now is exhibit A that they were stubborn as mules and exhibit B they didn't like to follow orders. She got up and went to the kitchen to drink some water.

Chloe´s sleep wear was not sexy, really it was some loose slacks that fell under her cut hipbones and a ratty t-shirt that she outgrow so it was kind of tight and short and had a hole placed on one of her ribs, when she stretched to grab a glass the shirt raised and Dean caught a glimpse of Chloe´s scars they didn´t lessened her beauty and he found himself wanting to lick her spine, run his hands on her shoulders, kiss her neck and- "Dean?" Chloe said waving her hand in front of him. When the hell she moved? "Dean, are you okay?"

"What? yes I'm fine" he cleared his throat "I wanted some water"

"Oh of course let me reach that glass" she brushed against him to reach for the glass.

She wasn´t wearing a bra, she is not wearing a- she did that on purpose! right? "Dean?"

"What?" he shocked his head to clear his thoughts.

"Here drink up" she handed him a glass of water. He was drinking when she smirked "you are going to pop your eyes out if you keep staring at my chest like that"

Dean choke on the water and spilled it all over himself "I wasn´t!"

"Uh huh… Right… it´s uncomfortable to you that I sleep without any underwear?"

Then she licked Dean´s wet lips and just like that she went to the stairs leaving him sputtering.

When she got to her room, she couldn´t control the blush that crept in her cheeks. Chloe couldn´t believe what she had just said and did to Dean and if the blush in the man´s face was anything to go by she just manage to finally complete one of her sister´s tasks Lois said that she had less sex appeal than a worm. "Well look Lo I left him like a fish"

But as she remembered the scene she felt herself blushing more furiously "geez Lois you just got me in troubles again! I knew I had to avoid something like this. I´m gonna end up dead, FML" Well lil´sis, it ain´t a problem if he wants you too…

The next day Sam knew something happened between his brother and Chloe because every time they looked at each other they blushed he could understand the blush from Chloe hell every woman who looked at his brother blushed even Ms. Anderson and she was waaay old to even see his brother without thick framed glasses, but the thing is that his brother never ever did blush not even when Sam found him in a situation that he really really wanted to forget. For a month Sam couldn´t see his brother in the eyes without blushing like a kid and his brother would laugh at his face, so before they had to leave Sam enjoyed the art of pissing Dean by touching Chloe every time he could, like in the kitchen when Chloe couldn´t reach the cereals for breakfast so Sam the good gentleman he was stood behind her placed a hand at her shoulder and reach the box from the shelve and gave it to her, receiving a kiss on the cheek for such a good friend and if he did enjoyed the little offerings Chloe gave him it was a plus but he turned to look at his brother at the kitchen table and smirk when Dean looked really scary and about to stab him with a spoon, he did everything he could think to touch her like pulling a lock of hair behind her ear or whispering something silly and make her laugh.

By midday he touched Chloe just because he became addicted and not because of Dean who wasn´t even in the house.

Chloe knew something was happening but she didn´t dare to ask but as Lois used to tell her 'suck it up Lane and man up'. So Chloe went to the porch and asked Sam for help "Hey Sam! Help me with the bags in the kitchen"

"Sure" he smiled at her and ruffled her hair. After some time she asked "So, where is your brother?" while they packed some food and bullets on the bags.

"He went with Bobby to secure the area before we leave" he smiled at her and threw her a can of peas. "Then why are you still, so touchy feeling Sam?" she turned to look at him with her arms on her waist and an arched eyebrow. But Sam didn´t acknowledged her. "Sam?"

He looked at her and huffed "okay maybe I was being a little mean to him but, I don´t know I´ve never been this close to someone else. We always have to lie and it´s not like we stayed for long in one place where I could make friends. and you are like my only friend now and I don´t want to lose you and regret things I didn´t say or did and is not like you are going to die… I mean I don´t want you to die but- oh shit! It´s not what I wanted to say!"

"What you want to say is -I never had someone close to me that I can touch and laugh that is not my brother, share my secrets and be just me, someone I can tell everything and it won´t matter. But tomorrow a WD can kill them and I won´t have a chance to hug her or remember what her laugh was like or remember the exact color of her eyes when she said something." She smiled sadly at him "close?"

Sam gaped at her "actually that´s pretty accurate" "well I should know. We are kinda alike you know" She took the hand he had on the kitchen table and led him to the window in front of the sink so the sun touched their faces. Chloe let go of him to rest on the window "moving around all the time being the smart little brother/sister that looked at his/her brother/sister like the sun came out of their asses?" she lifted her eyebrows with a 'are you serious?' look "Yeah, I guess we are similar" then Sam looked right into her green eyes and placed one hand on her waist and his other hand on her cheek caressing her three little birth marks with his thumb. Her lips parted in surprise, the movement made him focus on her lips making him go cross-eyed since he was, oh so close to her. Chloe observed as his lips got closer to hers and finally he kissed her, the kiss was at first slow, warm and sweet but then it grew into something deep, hard and intoxicating.

She broke the kiss after it became something more and the tall brunette stared at her for a little while when the silence prolonged Chloe said "That. Was. Wow!". "Definitely wow" Sam looked at her. He suddenly blushed seeing her kiss-swollen lips and scratched his neck "so we are friends?" he laughed

"I don´t think friends do that" Chloe pointed giggling and pushed the hair that fell, out of his face.

"I wanted to do that all day and I figured we'd get it out of the way and be friends" Sam smiled at her.

"Well friend as much as I want to hug you and braid our hair together we have work to do first get a map and I´m going to see what the government is saying on TV ok?." She went to the door but before leaving she said "thanks for this? Who knows if I ever would had the chance…" she frowned "this is weird"

"I get what you mean" Sam laughed "I´m glad it was with you too… umm and happy birthday?"

Chloe looked at him "what? Is not my birthday, remember? I say months not days Sam" she laughed but he pointed to the calendar "actually it is your birthday see I kind of looked? Into your things when we were at that house and saw a picture where you were a five or more and your father is dressed as santa, it has written the day of your birth in the back and uh, is today?"

"But, it´s not possible! How did I miss two months of my lif- oh… I, uh, remember. Thanks" she got out of the kitchen like if aliens where after her.

He felt different but not in love with Chloe she was awesome, cute and okay hot but they were friends so he wasn´t in love with her, she was his only female friend now.

She had come back from her room after the weird incident with her birthday to tell him that if he thought that what they did on the kitchen was a present he was dead wrong, so she wasn´t avoiding him and maybe making escape routes and a plan to get to the woman and a plan B 'because Sam it´s really important to have a plan B if plan A doesn´t work we are all dead and just in case something happens I have to have a plan C' were first priority and they were just friends and she wasn´t avoiding him.

"hey Sam is all ready to roll?" asked his brother Sam was going to answer that yes he and Chloe did finish with everything almost but he remembered what happened and blushed furiously. Dean watched him and his forehead wrinkled "is something wrong Sam?"

"NO!" Sam shouted and rapidly cleared his throat "did you know that today is Chloe´s birthday? We should get her something"

"Really? I thought she said it was in a few months or something if you ask me I think by few she meant twelve months" he laughed

"That´s the thing Dean she forgot, and when I told her what day was she said that it wasn´t possible that two months had passed her it´s all really weird, you think she lost her memory?"

Deleted scene in The Zombie Idea (this hapends in the kitchen when Sam kisses chloe, in maybe another universe? I cut it because it was too quick for them to go that way and she is not a whore… yet.
Maybe I could use this later, muuuuuch later. Still enjoy –if you can- my first attempt in smut!)

She put her arms around his neck kissing him deep, they break the kiss only to breathe but she keeps kissing him on the jaw, he whispers her name every few minutes to kiss her again but gives up and starts placing little kisses on her neck, her cheek and her lips until she opens up. They kiss again and again. Sam pushes against Chloe and she whimpers feeling his erection on her hip she reaches with her hand to rub his crotch and he groans "fuck, Chloe". His hands go to her waist and he lifts her on the counter.

Chloe pushes harder against him wrapping her legs over his waist "Sam" she pleads and he places one hand on her thigh caressing her skin with his big and calloused fingers moving them under her skirt "Sam please" she doesn´t know what she is asking but Sam seems to know because he starts to move pushing into her through all the layers of clothes faster and harder, the friction is so good, his hands and mouth, every place he touches gets hot, she can feel every part in her body throbbing his touch so penetrating.

Sam´s mouth on her, biting her lips furiously so, his hand on her breast under the bra touching, rubbing her nipple. Sam´s bulge rocking in a quick rhythm so sweet against her clit provoking sparks of pleasure, she loses it, It´s an overload of pure pleasure. Chloe arches digging her nails deep in his back "Sam!" she cries breathless and it´s all it takes to push him over the edge, he thrusts one last time against her, burying his face in her neck and biting her.

After a few minutes of hard breathing she feels him smile on her skin "sorry for biting you". "yeah well I forgive you because that. Was. Wow." "yeah definitely wow, so… friends?".

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