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The Zombie Idea - chapter 1/?

Author: FakeSmile* aka milen748
Title: The zombie idea.
Rating: I don´t know R? We´ll see
Genre: Horror? /Romance
Pairings: Dean/Chloe later Sam/Chloe
Summary: Chloe grew up as an army brat with a father that was too and then She loses everything, in the outbreak she meets the Winchesters and the surviving becomes more then she considered a zombie life could be.
Warnings: none just zombie killing? Sam Lane is Chloe’s father, character death bad language (from chloe because she is 17 and half the shit she went through is seriously batshit crazy) :P and maybe more Fandom: Smallville/The Zombie Survival Guide-ish?
Spoilers: For a zombie attack, if that should ever happened (which I hope not) AU for Smallville.  Disclaimer: I own nothing 

The Encounter
Already tired of walking miles and miles, Chloe found a water tower where she would rest for the night, it was getting late already and the sun now red-ish was hiding behind the clouds, putting on the backpack she began to climb the stairs. Three months had passed since the big infection (the outbreak), two and a half since... since everything went to hell.
Thanks to her father’s position she and her sister were trained for everything you could think and being in the weirdest piece of shit called Smallville for a while helped, Lois always hated that she was an army brat, but like the general used to said
“Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but someday you will thank your father for this ´nonsense´ you like to call”
How fitting... the nonsense proved to be very helpful, now she could survive the hellish situation she was, her father Sam Lane never was a normal father but she missed him so much now.
Reaching the top Chloe yanked the stair to let it fall “This way no one could climb up in the night” her father’s words repeated in her brain “They can't, but no one is never too sure” pulling the shotgun and flashlight out of her bag she sat on the cold surface covering herself with the warm poncho “Fucking zombies” she muttered trying to fall asleep and remembering all the things her father used to tell her.
There are a lots of terms to a word like zombie, the undead, ghouls, the walking dead, etc. they said that the zombies come from black magic or supernatural causes but that´s a lie, this zombies were created by a virus, this disease ´the Alkuma´ was long ago discovered by Karim what´s-his-name in somewhere over Arabia (her memory wasn´t that good, after all her father told her this when she was five) and by a mistake, one of the research clinics Released the virus.
The virus spreads by bloodstream going to the brain destroying the cells of the frontal lobe and stopping the heart, the brain stays ´asleep´ meanwhile the body dies for some time, this virus has no origin just we know it exist (well we know now that exists) she laughs softly. The symptoms are:
First hour - Pain and discoloration of the infected area after the bite.
Fourth hour - high fever or chills and vomiting.
Eighth hour - numbing of extremities, increased fever and loss of muscular coordination.
Twelfth hour - slowed heart race and paralysis in the lower body.
Sixteenth hour - coma.
Twentieth hour - heart stoppage, zero brain activity.
Twenty fourth hour - reanimation.
The Alkuma cannot be passed by any means except through direct fluidic contact be that a bite or the brushing from a zombie fluid in an open wound and ingest of infected meat (but that just kills you). Alkuma affects all living beings, but, humans are the only ones that come ´alive´ again, it has no cure yet.
Dr. Abuchanab has being researching the Alkuma in Argentina since 9 years ago, zombies have an estimated life of three to five years they don´t need to eat, their digestive system doesn´t work but still they eat ´till literally explode, well... not explode per se but- the stomach skin does break so technically they can´t get full? Whatever. Her father used to tell her that zombies didn´t have super strength, didn´t get tired or felt the pain so it wasn´t good news to people, they can´t run or climb ladders (like emergency staircases) but they will try forever no matter how stupid and unsafe it seems to us, they don´t have hand-eye coordination, they can´t learn, they don´t have feelings, but they can smell and see partially.
Is funny how a father tells something like DNA changing, human stupidity and notions on the revolution of the word to a child of only six years, but after seeing your own mother committing suicide nothing is that scary anymore and Chloe´s father was a general not used to talking to little girls (specially to his own daughters) since his wife left for good so he didn´t held anything back, if you ask Chloe she loved him more for not lying to her and since very little she was in love with everything strange, bizarre, and unexplained so her father loved her for that too.
The first rays of light were already hitting in Chloe’s face that meant time to make some progress in her journey, packing the things in the bag and putting her beanie and her Arab Scarf covering half of her face she got up and slipped into the rafters that supported the tower “Country zones are the safest,  by all means avoid cities which is where all the preys are” she repeated “They will stop only if lose contact with the prey, make a successful kill or are destroyed” in the bottom of the rafters she gave a little jump to land on the grass, she smooth down her outfit and pulled out a map “Okay I’m in Lawrence aand I have to go heeere” she put her finger over a city “well it will take me... like a month to reach there” she sighed and started walking again “Fucking zombies I’m gonna fucking kill every one of you, not letting me have my morning fucking coffee! stupid zombies” she murmured walking down the muddy road.
Hearing the eerie silence of the animals she stiffened, and decided to explore. Chloe walked more slowly to see or hear what was happening, after a few minutes she met with the unmistakable Groans and at least twenty zombies around something, probably a prey, suddenly she heard someone shout.
“Dean! What´s the plan??” a male voice definitely, approaching faster she saw two men, one a bit taller with darker hair color than the other whose spikes against the sun were a little bit blond, being cornered by the WD (walking dead) hey if everyone was dead she could name them as she fucking pleased.
“I don´t know Sammy... I guess this is goodbye” the man- Dean had such a heartbreaking face that for a moment she remembered Lois, so Chloe decided to break one of her father´s most important rules... don´t be a hero.
“Hey ugly fuckers!!!” She yelled at loud. All the WDs heads turned scarily quickly to her, dropping their jaws and moaning horrible she got her crossbow out of her backpack in a motion that would have caused whiplash and started killing them as they followed Chloe, one after another she killed heartless until no more arrows were left, and by that time there were only five left, she dropped the crossbow and reached to the titanium crowbar on her back and attacked them, other of her father´s rules being broken... never compromise in hand to hand combat this is only a last option!
With the back of the crowbar she hit the first zombie through the eye socket as well as the second, next, the other two with a blow to the head and the last one Chloe managed to make it come closer with the curved part of the crowbar so she could stab him with the back of said weapon. After she finished and observed that there was no more danger she packed her two weapons and a few arrows (that she could use later) back from the decomposed bodies and tell to where she could get going and not waste valuable sunlight for travel.
“Wait!!- How?- What??” the tall brunette one- Sammy? asked her.
She shot a glance to him “The only way to kill a zombie is complete damage to the brain, never touch a undead corpse, cremation is the best option to rid of the corpse, the smoke of a burned corpse does not spread the virus, heat kills the virus” her father’s words left her mouth without warning.
“What are you? A crazy midget ninja?” Dean asked eyeing her humor and awe in his voice.
This time she looked at Dean “I´m NOT a CRAZY MIDGET! or a ninja” she responded with anger pulling her beanie and letting her long hair fall, she turned around to keep walking and muttered something about ungrateful jerks and stupid WDs when more came in view “Great!, if you two want to stay alive you better leave the area asap they are coming” she headed for the opposite direction quickly.
“Hey” the older? Man asked in a low voice on her right “How do you know that much about zombies?” keeping the pace.
“My- my father trained me since I was a child” she answered eyeing the possible escape routes if more WD where near.
“So you are a hunter?” Sammy- Sam? On her left asked this time.
“No... I was raised in an army base in Fort Riley but you could say I´m an army brat instead of a hunter” she laughed
“So how does the army know about voodoo?” the handsome sandy haired man asked.
“You know, Dean, right? You ask a lot of questions and I know nothing of you so leave me alone, you and Sam should go your own way and-” 
Dean extended a hand “Dean nice to meet you” and smirked but she didn´t take his hand just kept going on the street, he motioned to the other men “This is my brother Sam, we were running low on ammo and food, we went out for provisions and our house was attacked our grandfather eaten alive and we had to kill him five days ago and then this zombies corned us, thank you for saving us by the way” he spoke but this time he looked pissed.
“DEAN!” his brother showed him off when he reached close to her “She has nothing to do with this”
“I´m sorry, I didn´t know but if you look around you, the whole world has lost someone, something or all in their lives even their existence and not to sound rude but if you are going to follow me, please be quiet and stop yelling” she pointed behind them without even looking, there were already at least eight Zombies following suit.
“Right, umm…” Sam started.
“I´m Chloe La- I mean Sullivan… Chloe Ann Sullivan-Lane… long story for that hahaha” she laughed without humor and quite weirdly with a side of hysteric Sam could tell because his brother did that when he was hiding something silly like in the prank wars they used to have.
“uh-huh… so Chloe? why do you know so much about these zombies?” Sam asked in a low voice.
“First they are not zombies-“
Dean interrupted “Hate to break it to you Nancy Drew but-“
“If you LET ME FINISH!!” he held his hands in surrender “The Alkuma is a virus it has nothing to do with the supernatural-“
“Yeah? How so? They are dead and the next moment they are trying to eat my brain, it looks pretty much-”
“They are NOT VOODOO ZOMBIES or any paranormal zombies!!” she roared “Voodoo zombies are different alright, end of the story” she speeded the pace.
“Can you explain it to us? Please?” Sam had a puppy face so cute that if he ordered her to eat a zombie she would do it happily.
“Okay they don´t have emotions, they don´t think, they don´t eat you, they feel pain and can be controlled and the WDs are- ”
“WDs?” Dean looked at her.
“Walking dead” she explained.
“Oh” Sam nodded.
“WDs? How old are you? Fifteen? ” Dean said mocking her.
“Almost eighteen” she pouted.
“What??” both bothers asked at the same time.
“What? I’m eighteen in a month!”
“You are 17? Since when did your father start teaching you??” Sam asked
“Well, my father spoke to me about this when I was six, but he started to get me and my sister ready when I was about seven and Lois was eleven years old almost for eight years, that reminds me, how old are you?” she frowned, her father always told her you have to know your comrades Chloe, otherwise you can be deceived.
“I’m twenty-one and Sammy is eighteen”
“Huh, I thought you two were older like Sam twenty something and you... well older” she giggled in Dean´s face, and the man just snorted.
 “So… WDs?” Sam interrupted.
“Right, this is what my father told me ´The Alkuma´ attacks the brain destroying the frontal lobe the heart stops, but the brain shifts, this virus has no origin just we know that exists. The Alkuma is passed only by direct fluidic and it has no cure yet...”
After seven extensive hours of conversation and walking on the road, the sun was hiding again and Chloe was searching for the tallest hideout around.
“So where is your father? Is he dead?”
“Dean! Dude! What the hell?” his brother hit him behind the head and they started hitting each other on the arms.
She laughed softly “Is okay, he is dead but he died two years ago, we went to live with uncle Gabe in Smallville” she faked a smile “that´s why I had to change my name I´m I minor so he was my tutor, my aunt was married to him but she left him a long time ago but he is-was still my uncle after everything.
“And Lois?” Dean asked obviously trying small talk.
Chloe´s heart stopped for a second “I- It´s getting late, we should go there” she said and pointed towards a two cases house running to the porch “The high places are the safest, never get in a basement always attics or roofs, sleep is necessary always do patrols, if you are alone, only patrol on the daytime, never forget to secure doors and windows sleep with a flashlight and a gun in hand, be as silent as much as you can, always be ready to run, If you hear nothing, they are close...” okay her dead father was seriously playing with her brain everything was like a recording in her mind all the things her father told her and she forgot were coming back, and she was getting mayor headaches with all the reminiscence of flashbacks and memories.
Reaching the front door of the house she stopped, placing a finger to her lips to quiet the Winchesters, listen to her surroundings and the inside of the house, it seemed that no one was there she nocked three times waited and nocked two more, when nothing happened she opened the door and surprisingly she found... nothing, well that was a first, in every single house she broke there were at least one WD waiting to eat her, she let the brothers enter the house.
“Dean, make sure every window and door is locked, and take this” she threw him the crowbar.
“Who died and put you in charge princess?” he crossed his arms.

“If you don´t want to take my orders go ahead I’m not doing shit about it” she turned to Sam smiling like a loon “Oh my loyal knight will you please do what delicate lady Deanna can´t, I will be really grateful” she batted her eyelashes and joined her hands in her chest.
“Sure Chloe” he laughed grabbing the crowbar from her and Dean glared at him.
“Chick isn´t my mother to order me around” he shrugged.

She went to check out the kitchen to see what was comestible. When Sam came back Chloe had some cans of food of really dubious content to eat, she gave him one and a spoon “Is not your everyday food, but what is nowadays?” she sighted and talked to Dean who was in the sofa cleaning a gun he found in the garage. “Damsel Deanna fragile flower please come to eat your banquet before it gets cold!” and winked at Sam.
Dean came looking at her like he was trying not to choke her to death “Okay is really weird that your talking to me like that, stop it is gross” he snarled the last part.
“Oh Lady Deanna I offended you? It wasn´t my intention, would you like for me to stop bright eyes?” she smiled like the Cheshire cat.
“Please I will do whatever you want!” Dean pleaded
“Nah is okay here take this” she gave him a can and a spoon too.
“You know, if it weren´t for the fact that I’m a guy I would totally use that to make him do stuff” Sam pointed to his brother with the spoon
“Har har har, you two are so funny I’m not saving your asses from WDs next time”
There´s no next time Chloe said to herself, it was nice having someone to spend the time but this was dangerous sometimes it's better to be alone. No one can hurt you that way or betray you that was what her father was implied without really saying it.
“mhmm” she responded not looking to their eyes. 

They took turns to patrol and hers began at four am and ended at six so in that time she had time to leave them and continue the journey.

When the Winchesters woke up she was long gone. Sam looked for her in the entire house but just founded a note.

She stood on the front door “If i leave them without a reason they will probably end up thinking some zombie ate me so I better write something...” she got a paper and started writing.

Dear Sam and Lady Deanna:
I´m not dead neither eaten by a zombie I decided that it was better for both of you to be without me, I can take care of myself but I don´t think this could work, I can´t protect someone who doesn´t want to be protected, rest assured I let some weapons and food for you, though I’m not leaving the coffee it´s mine, and like my father used to said schools are awesome the hospital and the police station maybe are nice when a thief enters your house but never when a zombie is nearly eating you, supermarkets bad idea family markets and bodegas are good, study your plans carefully before doing anything.

Be safe, Chloe

After reading the note, Sam hit Dean to wake him up. “Dean! Dean Wake up, Chloe is gone”
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Mar. 31st, 2015 02:58 pm (UTC)
This is really interesting
Hope you didn't give up on it :) Especially the chleam part lol
Aug. 18th, 2015 08:30 pm (UTC)
I am so sorry, I had a third chapter but kinda lost hope and deleted it from my computer. I always get sad when people abandon fics and I totally did it here ;_; so I promise to make a final chapter just so I finish it. I'm glad you liked it and left a comment ;_; thank you :)
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