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Friday the 13th - chapter 1/? WIP

Author: FakeSmile*
Title: Last memories
Rating: uuh i dont´n know yet, sorry
Genre: Horror /Romance
Pairings: Chloe/Clay, Clark/Lucy, Lois/AC.
Summary: Chloe and the group go to Cristal Lake to train where Clark has a cabin, what can go wrong?
Warnings:  Clark isn´t an alien, Lionel is his father (he is a good person but not a saint and his wife never had suicided, so Lex is good too). A.C, Clark, Lance have Meteor Powers hence the reason they go training said MP are: flying, water control and hypersonic voice, the character “Lance” is Lana´s brother (he is originally from the movie), Clark ISN´T crazy in love with Lana, Chloe and Clark have a relationship of siblings kind of. mayor characters death.
Fandom: Smallville/Friday the 13th Crossover
Spoilers: For the movie Friday the 13th... and i think this is bassically AU for Smallville so that shouldn´t have any spoilers for that. 
Disclaimer: I own nothing :(

Welcome to Crystal Lake

Okay, when Clark said that they were having the weekend off to train with the guys and the new meteor powers they got from the little green rocks Lex was so found of, she didn´t thought too much about it, well… she did, but she just didn´t thought they were leaving Kansas, she thought that maybe they´d go to Lawrence or something like that. Clark hadn´t told her they were leaving the county but, alas she might as well enjoy it. He´d said something about Lionel owning a cabin were they could train and not be bothered.
"When we were young, we used to go there and just enjoy the peace or go hunting rabbits with dad, now though we can´t, everything is complicated,  you know what i mean: responsibilities, taking charge of Luthorcorp, fundraisers, public image and we can´t be normal! Every. Single. Thing. is about wining or being the best!". Giving him a hug Chloe whispered in his ear "you know he wants the best for his sons even if he shows otherwise". Changing the conversation to a more cheerful one, she smirked "we are going to have fun, train and maybe... who knows? You can get laid!" giggling, she released herself from Clark´s torso, and started running knowing Clark would catch her and revenge.


Leaning against the car window watching the farms, the trees, cows, and clouds passing by Chloe found herself getting really annoyed by her friends. It wasn´t uncommon to find Lois and A.C going at it like bunnies but in car full of people, privacy was a good thing, too bad  they never cared.
Pete and Lance were laughing too high, probably planning something very illegal, since Chloe met those boys they always were on to something no matter how innocent they looked.
Lana and Lucy were watching something on the cellphone giggling. The two brunettes shared a ‘thirst’ for fashion and gossip like no one. Clark was in the driver seat singing along with the car radio to Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall out Boy.
It was amazing the space that was left in the car to breath, let alone hear your own thoughts it´s not like she tough it could be a weekend with Clark and just chilling on the woods.
She sighed. This was going to be a long long trip, directing her sight to the window again. Clark almost sensing her mood from the driver seat looked at her “It´s only until  we get to the next stop, a couples of miles and we´d get there” he smiled a little, pointing to his right to the outpost they were approaching.
When the car stopped, opening the doors, everyone got out of the car to stretch their numb legs, breathe clear air, and get some gas.
On the newsstand near the outpost Lana, Lucy and Lois, were ogling the magazines with their favorite actor from Grey´s anatomy, Patrick Dempsey. Chloe began walking away from there deciding that it was better run from that or the fight over who was more handsome McDreamy or McSteamy would start and that never end well. (Chloe liked Eric Dane more and she would defend him with her life!), so she walked to the bike that was parked a few meters away finding it more appealing, it was that or have to listen Dr. Shepard´s little groupies about how hot he was.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pulling the key out of his pocket Clark opened the back door of the minivan freeing Lance of the vault since the last stop “dude! I almost died in there, is so small” Clark laughed and Lance made a face of disgust, he exited the car drying the sweat from his face walking to where Chloe stood “I´m getting claustrophobic too, and maybe I´ll need a shrink for the nightmares” he honked the motorcycle scaring Chloe with the action, and earning a blow behind the neck for that.   
Shaking his head at them Clark grabbed two plastic gas tanks and turned to his right noticing Pete. He got the tanks out of the car and asked “how about some help over here?”.
Looking at Clark one hand blocking the sun of his face he said “Clark, that´s not a good look for you man, putting the only black guy to pump the gas for you? Damn” he pretended to be insulted turning around walking to ‘hi five’ Lance, when Chloe hit him too. “ouch!, sister stop hitting me!” he rubbed his neck “is this some kind of kink?, ´cause believe me, I can be kinky” Pete said lifting his eyebrows.
“Like you could handle this body” she let her hands move slowly over her purple tank top and daisy dukes. Laughing, she walked inside to buy water, not noticing the three men besotted expressions.  
A little disoriented Clark spoke “Huh, oh-kay” he closed his eyes and opened them again trying to clear his head, he shouted “hey! AC How about you help me bro?”
Coming from the door wiping his hands on his pants he answered “sure man, Hey! Want me to call you master while we are at it? Dick”
Handing him over the tanks to refill “okay umm... we´ll try it out later” he said shaking his head and closing the door heading enter the post.


Inside the outpost Chloe saw a man, a tall man, a really tall handsome man speaking to the counter about something, she didn´t pay many attention to that of course, the man was too hot! Well built, broad shoulders, brown hair, a knife on his belt, some pretty tight jeans and a-
“Could you please stop drooling a little cuz, or is too much to ask?” waving a hand in front of Chloe´s face Lois smirked.

“Wha-what??” not noticing when Lois, the loudest of the Sullivan-Lane girls coming, meant that she was, in fact, drooling “I was not drooling! I was... I-forget it!” she let Lois standing there not wanting to have that certain conversation again about how she needed some, rebound guy to forget.
After the ´Queen disaster´ her cousin tried to convince her to act like a whore (not exactly Lois words, but if you sleep with anything that moves, without even knowing its name and waking up god knows where, is what you are). And Clark treated her like some porcelain doll that needed ´protection´, it wasn´t like she and Oliver were meant for each other right? Right, maybe she cried for like... a month but that was in the past, she moved on a long time ago, and he did too, with some blonde model, that didn´t bother her at all nooo, not that this ´Gisele´ was taller and skinner than her no, that people called her ´the Midas queen´ or how the paparazzi called her the über model, that she was named the Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Rolling Stone magazine no, nothing of that bothered Chloe at all and the fact that she destroyed half of Clark´s house the day she found out means absolutely nothing. Trying really hard to not squeeze the water bottles with her hands and vent her anger, she counted to ten, breathed a long whiff of air and headed to were Clark was, but not that far to hear Lois yelling “I know you too well little cuz you don´t fool anyone!!” ignoring Lois, she went to where Clark stood.

Clark looked at Lance's arms full of junk, stopping him “wow, hey! What are you doing dude, my father´s cabin is stocked” grabbing the box of condoms he asked to Lance raising an eyebrow “you think you´re actually gonna get laid?” Chloe laughed a little at that, it was cute seeing Clark jealous of Lance seeing that the only girl available was Lucy, and of course her but Clark didn´t have that kind of idea about her and less in Lana, Lex´s fiancé and Lance sister.
Trying to explain Lance pointed nonchalant “well your parents do not have condoms, beer or Fritos and definitely don´t have Doritos and this is...” taking the condoms from Clark “not for sex” not understanding what he meant Clark asked “what are you using them for?”.
“Some experiment” he looked at Chloe “eww I don´t want to know” “It´s okay Chloe, if I need your assistance I will ask for it”
“Hey! Watch it” Clark pointed to him “don´t even think about it just stay behind us, I’m not gonna pay for that shit”
Waiting to pay the gas behind some dude that was explaining something, Clark lost it, the previous conversation with Lance had him in a bad mood that plus the lack of patience, switched him from polite Clark to arrogant Clark, the guy in front of him keep talking and really? He needed to hit the road as in yesterday, so he taped two times slightly on the elbow of ´douchebag´, seeing as he was delaying them, the man in question turned to see Clark and went back to talk to the counter, not liking this dude manners he taped more harder this time “are you gonna buy something? I mean you been up here for quite a while so” Chloe opened her mouth but closed it not believing Clark behavior, the stranger said “um sure yeah” and stood to Clark´s left. after a minute or so said “guess I’m an asshole” Chloe´s eyes boring holes in the back of Clark head responded to the guy “he is just being a jerk you have to excuse him he is just in a bad mood for something” looking back at Clark she send him an ugly glare. Clark a little shocked that Chloe defend a stranger over him replied “what-ever” paid and exited the outpost.
Addressing the young man now she said “I’m Chloe, you okay?”, he responded startled “yeah umm thanks I’m okay, Clay ”he extended his hand and she took it “so, you are looking for your...” she motioned to the poster.
“Huh? Oh! Yeah my sister Whitney, she disappeared a month and a half ago while camping” his smile fading.
“I´m sure you will find her, Clay” she reassured him “can I have one? Maybe I could help a little” she smile at him politely
“yeah sure but I hope your-” he was cut off by Clark yelling at Chloe from the car “Chloe we´re leaving!! Hurry up!” she then took the poster from Clay.
“Sorry I gotta run” she ran to the car waving at Clay getting in before the car speeded off.
“…Your boyfriend won´t mind” he finished lamely. Thanking the counter and going to his motorcycle to keep searching.


After having crossed half the town, Clay saw the police car behind him, he turned round the corner when he heard the car siren asking him to pull over. Slowing down he waited for the officer to get out of the car.
“Welcome back, Clay” said the police officer oncoming.
“Good evening officer Buck” Clay greeted sarcastically
“Son I know you think we are not on your side, that we are just a bunch of dumb country hicks out here, we did 3000 interviews and county wide search for your sister” took off his glasses and keep on “you know how many thousands of people disappear every year? even in this State long?, but there is no evidence that anything happened to Whitney Miller or any of those other kids in Crystal Lake, there´s no car no witnesses nothing...” rubbing his hand over his temple “one of those kids was her boyfriend right?”
Not liking where this conversation was heading His jaw ticked with irritation “right” Clay answered pretty harsh.
“Well they probably just took off together” offered Buck,
Our mother just died of cancer I bet you knew that”.
With a miffed expression on his face the officer said “no son”
“Well she did, she was sick for a long time and” his throat tightened “uh, and Whitney took care of her every single day and then, my sister didn´t show up for the funeral, see, you just don´t know my sister that´s not possible”.
“Yeah, she is not here son” putting his glasses and patting Clay on the shoulder “you may wanna try looking someplace else that´s what the other families are doing” and went to his car.

Seeing that they were almost in Clark´s cabin, Chloe´s mood improved, she was happy for having the guts to talk to Clay, so maybe she wouldn´t see him like, ever again but at least she got a full smile, and maybe he will remember her someday, so? Sue me for being a twelve year old when I actually have twenty one, life is short and you have to take advantage of everything you can and being CEO of The Sullivan Company means stay cautions of everyone because they could be a spy or something. 
“What got you in such a good mood Chloe? That hot cowboy?” Lucy smirked at Chloe, making her blush “You got that hunk´s number?” squealed Lana from her seat “girl I knew you still had it in you”
“Yeah... he was definitely hot” her gaze went to the car roof remembering, “oh shoot! I forgot! I forgot to ask him” Chloe turn to Clark and he was smiling “is your fault! You did that on purpose! You just were pissed I call you a jerk!” arms crossed to her chest “I´m never talking to you ever again” she turned to the window ignoring him.
“Come on Chlo´ i didn´t do it on purpose, how could I make you forget something” he pulled off the car.
 “Oh shut it Smallville we all know, you are like her little bodyguard” Lois said opening the car door now that they were parked in front of the cabin.
“Dude you got to chill, nothing was going to happen, and if did happen Chloe knows how to take care of herself” said Pete getting out like the rest, going to the trunk, Clark opened it a bit surprised when Lance fell to the ground.
“oh! men down” shouted AC laughing and helping Clark with the luggage.
Lucy raised her phone to the sky “Come on! is anyone getting a signal right now?”
“Are you fucking with me right now? I got business to do this weekend” exclaimed Pete
“What business?” also checking her cell Lois asked.
“Music, trying some reliable album” Pete answered
“Oh yeah? Like what kind, like... rap?”
“Why gotta go racial? Look don´t put me in a box alright, what? ´cause I’m black I can´t listen to Greenday?”
“Sorry you´re right I was dumb, so, what kind of music?”
Pete smiled and said “rap”. Lois punched him hard on the arm and walked to the porch leaving him.
“Ouch! Woman Don´t hit a black guy!” he screamed “That´s bad, and anyways what´s up with you and Chloe, you guys are sadists?” he said rubbing his arm and entering the house with the others.  
After choosing rooms and making their way through the house, everyone decided to relax a bit and slack off.


Even after what officer Buck had told him, Clay decided to continue his search for Whitney. After a good long hour of driving through the cornfields he saw a farm and decided to go and ask there if someone knew something about his sister.
Parking the bike in front of the house Clay slowly headed for the door, trying to dodge the accumulated crap (or how old people call it, ´perfectly fine stuff´ that later may work for something, that eventually worked for nothing and is just junk) and what would a broken sink work for?... Exactly nothing! “Crazy old people” he muttered.
Almost in the porch Clay shouted “hello!”, “helloo!” nothing, reaching for the front door he knocked five times “HELLO?”, it seemed like no one was in home so he knelt to get a poster from his backpack and-  out of nowhere an rabid German Shepherd appeared behind the mosquito net jumping and barking trying to kill him with the long fangs.
“Holy shit!!” he moved away scared, not that he was afraid of dogs of course, just this one took him by surprise and a dog in a bad mood could easily rip one of your arms if he wanted.
An old lady appeared beside a big Jesus statue and opened the door, while grabbing the dog by the collar, but the dog didn´t stopped barking.

“I just wanted to ask you a ques-“ the dog lunged not too far and Clay backed away.
“Hush!” the old (creepy) lady shouted.
“I wanted to ask you, umm if maybe you´ve, if maybe you´ve seen somebody” he showed her the poster “my sister, she came camping around here with some friends, and she is gone missing”
Looking from the picture of Whitney to Clay´s face she said very serious “she ain´t missin´ she´s dead”
“People go missing ´round here and they go on for good, that´s all ´coz they don´t know where to walk and bring trouble, we just want to be left alone and so does he
“So does who?” even the dog stopped barking and let scape a sound of fear, the old lady make a face like telling him see? And closed the door.
“Ma´am please, so does who?”  
 Go go go!!!! All the boys were cheering to Lance who was drinking all the beer he could from one big ice bucket but failing, terribly. Lucy was recording everything with her video camera while laughing with Lana and Lois.
Lance was choking when Clark appeared “guys!! Watch the floor! Geez! this is an OUTSIDE game” he scolded them, and went to the door that followed to the back of the house.
Hearing Clark coming from behind Chloe said “Hey this is a great spot, you wanna go for a hike or make some exercise?” looking at Clark when he bent down beside her Chloe smiled.
“That´d be nice, but not exactly like we could leave them alone” he looked to the house and then to her.
“What´re you talking about?” she tilted her head a little
Pointing to the door he asked “Have you seen what they´re doing inside?” waiting for Chloe to said something, he sighted when she didn´t and just moved her head like telling him go on “Crazy! Some drunken frat boys”
“Frat boys!?” Chloe laughed.
“Frat boys!” he smiled to her.
“What´re they going to do? I mean, steal the deer head in the living room? How are they gonna run away? We all leaving in the same car” she stood from her place looking down on him.
“You want some exercise? ´cause I have this really great move that I been practicing and I need someone to practice with” Clark offered
“Well I don´t want to find them stealing anything when we go back, so I don´t think so” she made a face that clearly said she was disappointed in what Clark thought of his friends.
“We could go for a hike!” he yelled when she walked to the house leaving him alone.

Clay ride his bike a lot more preoccupied now knowing that someone was out there killing, he found a barn, well it looked like a barn anyways he parked and heard a Sawmill or something alike, took off his jacket and entered the barn with some posters on his hands.
“Hello?! EXCUSE ME!” he addressed the sawmill worker that didn´t give the impression to, he walked closer to him. “sir!” “HEY!!”
“OH SHIT!” the man screamed and almost hit Clay with a piece of wood.
“Jesus!” Clay exclaimed raising his arms in protection. After the man realized that there was no danger Clay said “sorry, ah...” the man went to turn off the machine “Jesus Christ! Boy ” he reproached Clay.
“Look, I’m sorry I just wanted to get your attention and ask you” he showed him the poster “have you seen this girl? She is been missing about a month”
He made a lecherous face “I wish I had man...” he shrugged “I ain´t see her though”.
“Uh... thanks?” Clay turned to the gate
“Take care”
“You too” he walked shaking his head unbelievable! what a freak!
“Hey! HEY! I forgot” Clay turned to the man who almost chased after him.
“Did you wanna buy some weed? Seriously! I have-“
“No thanks I’m good, bye” he almost run to the bike, ugh he was searching for his sister!!! Do I want to buy weed? No, I don´t want weed! What´s his fucking deal, anyways?
Chloe was helping Clark to clean the car. Holding with a little too much care the plastic bag, because it had empty cans of beer and junk.
“Okay relax, this guys are your guests, if you´re not comfortable having them, then why did you invite them?” he took the bag from her.
“So they could admire your place?” she asked.
“No! I just wanted to have a good weekend...” Chloe crossed her arms and arched a brow “aaand train our powers, you know?”. He closed the door. Behind the car Lois and Arthur came.
“Hey guys!” Lois and AC said. “Wanna check out the lake with us?” her cousin smiled at Chloe.
AC went a little more behind her girlfriend, ´no´ he mouthed to them and making a humping motion towards Lois and progressing to a more ´fucking´ type with arms, mouth and all.
Still arm crossed Chloe said “umm you now is getting... you now, no that´s okay” she wanted to laugh so hard “it´s getting late, I think we´ll pass thank you”
“Take my truck” Clark gave him his keys
“Sweet” AC grabbed the keys grinning.
“I trust you” and he smile to look at Chloe, she just rolled her eyes. “Oh and can you do me a favor? Take the gas tanks out to the boat, is on the south...” he looked at Chloe who was arching her eyebrow at him “why don´t you just go”. 


The doorbell ringed and nobody moved because besides breathing the only thing they were doing was stuff their mouths on junk food so Chloe went to open the door
Clay was getting some posters out of the bag “Hi I´m sorry for bother you but I´m looking for my sist- Chloe!” Clay looked surprised at her.
She smiled brightly at him “Hey!” he smiled in response “no luck?” Chloe asked grabbing a poster “no, not yet” he exhaled “She´s pretty” Chloe noted, he took the poster his smile dropping “thanks”
Chloe look at him and she wanted to hug the sadness away but instead a thought crossed her mind “hey do you want to come in for a sec, grab a drink?”
“uuh..” he looked inside the house “yeah I don´t think your boyfriend would like that too much” she laughed “What, Clark? he will be fine and by the way so not my boyfriend” she opened the door for Clay. They went to the kitchen and she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge when Clark and Lucy came. Chloe was sure Lucy called Clark on purpose.
Clark looked at her “Chloe babe, what is this?” “This is Clay remember in the outpost? and drop the boyfriend act, he knows I´m not yours” she smirked at him
He scowled “Clay, of course I remember, see, what I don´t get is why is he doing here”
Lucy eyed the newcomer “hi! Clay, want some beer?” but before he even moved Clark blocked Lucy with his arm “no, no he is busy, right” Clay looked at him “yeah” but Chloe ignored the exchange “if you are hungry I could-” “look Chloe he can´t stay here” now looking at Clay, Clark spoke “this is a private party-” the blonde was pissed at Clark by this point so she did the first that occurred to her “you know what Clark you are absolutely right” she turned to grab a container of sandwiches and her bag “we are busy so we have to go, come on Clay we have some research to do” she grabbed Clay´s hand and he smiled. when they reached the door they heard Clark Yelling at her “Chloe you can´t leave with him! Chloe he could be dangerous! Damn it Chloe!”
“Where´s your car?” she turned and smiled at him “I don´t have a car but I have this”
“Nice! I saw it on the outpost, where to now?” he watched her expression “I didn´t check the other side of the lake, so let´s go”

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